Tagging Requirements

Consignment Sale Tagging Requirements
Step 1: Consignor number–Use your initials and the last four digits of your phone number. (Example: Kathy White–859-1111 is Consignor #KW1111). We do accept tags from other sales. You do not need to change anything, just bring your items with the same tag.
Step 2: Price–Use whole dollar increments, no $.10 or $.99 prices. Rule of thumb: do not price more than 50% of original purchase price.
Step 3: Tagging–Clothing must be on wire hangers pointing to the left. Place tag on right shoulder when you are looking at it laying flat. For the tag, use a 3×5 index card (lying long ways). Pin the top middle, write the consignor number on the left below the pin, write the size or description if it’s a toy on the right, and then write the price on the bottom middle. Follow the example shown below.
 Picture 9
*** Put a large red dot (or ND) by the price for items not to be sold at 50% off on the final day of the sale***
Use only silver one inch or larger safety pins. Size 12M and smaller may be on plastic hangers. Secure loose garments to the hanger with safety pins. Baby items such as onesies, socks, bibs, etc., may be in clear bags. Toys with small parts must be in clear bags. Any small parts that go with large items should be secured in a bag and taped to the larger item. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag. All clear bags must be sealed with packing tape. Items not secured may be opened up and played with by children during the sale.
Step 4: Participating in the Sale–Registration is at drop-off. You do not need to pre-register. You will receive 70% of the sale price, 30% will be kept by Heart for Missions to donate. A $10.00 participation fee will be deducted from your profit. You are invited to shop before the public on Tuesday from 6-8pm. Bring a friend with your friend pass you receive at drop-off. No children, no exceptions. You will pick up your remaining items and your check at the designated time. Anything not picked up will be donated to a local charity.


  1. Steve says:

    The note above regarding the Red Dot (ND) to not participate in the 50% off, does not indicate that this is only for the final day sale. New consignors might be confused.

  2. Dana Vanveckhoven says:

    Tags need to be the same – an index card, labeled as stated. The card can be pinned or taped on the item. Packing tape works the best – it will actually stay on, versus scotch or masking tape.

  3. Jackie says:

    If I am bringing items with tags from another sale and they they have the words “Discount: No” printed on them, do I still have to put a red dot on each tag to show that it shouldn’t be discounted? And if some of the items have sale prices that are not whole dollar increments, such as $1.50, will those be accepted or do I need to retag them with a whole dollar increment?

  4. Dana Vanveckhoven says:

    Jackie, we accept tags from other sales as they are – you will not need to re-tag…if you have time to add the red dot, that will be fine. If not, it’s not a big deal – We may add the dot on Saturday so the tag is clear to the people adding up. 🙂

    • Renee Sutton says:

      I have items to bring, but I do not have metal hangers. I have them securely on plastic hangers. Can I bring them?

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